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manojranaweera-2 · 53d ago

Well done Emin. Sales solve many problems. But start thinking about how you would build the business up if cash is not a limitation. Ideally

1. Product - Map out the product over the next 36 months, with a detailed plan on the next 12 months
2. Marketing - how would you generate demand so that sales can be closed quickly?
3. Sales - What are your key targets for each of the next three years
4. Operations - How would you run the processes and systems smoothly to on-board and wow customers
5. Support - how would you continue to delight your customers
6. HR - think about teams for each of these areas. We can help you with mixing paid with volunteers from
7. Finance - what are the milestones you gonna hit, what level of capital do you need. Could debt finance be an option?
8. Legal - continue to plug holes in legals. Very important subject for VC due diligence.

All the best.