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If you don't incorporate, usually, you will be personally liable for anything that goes wrong. Once incorporated, you have certain protections, as the liability rest with the company.

It's questionable whether you can trade without a company unless you have registered as a sole trader in your local jurisdiction. Worth taking country-specific legal advice.

In the UK, it costs nothing to register.

Personally, I would be reluctant to buy from an entity that is not legal. Your potential customers might feel the dame.

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What's Vercel? First time I came across. What are you building? Got a URL?

manojranaweera · 3d ago

Join the band. I have had 14 attempts since 2004 (not all tech startups). During this tenure, I worked out that I am best with just executing by myself. Those who joined as co-founders in the past never gave the effort required to be actually called a co-founder.

One of the things I never had access to was ample talent. I'm fixing this for others like me and me through If you can afford £25/$34 a month, that's all you need to build a team to help you move forward. Only available for tech product companies.

Drop me an email if you like to explore

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One reason is the accountability of course. Others will become clearer.

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There are a number of reasons why I am here.

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The mysterious Mr/Ms JB. Isn't it time we at least know what your first name is JB?

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I don't tend to add "business as usual" - only the bits I'm personally involved in. Our team is now 1 full timer + me on part time + 10 volunteers spending a minimum of 1 hr every day.

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No - I am focusing on what matters to us instead of what would get us a high score.