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manojranaweera · 15h ago

It's fine. Sometimes writing helps one to clarify his/her own mind. I do this all the time. That's why I write so many things in public.

manojranaweera · 17h ago

Oh by the way, I fixed the emailing issue on SkilledUp Life. Some progress eh!

manojranaweera · 17h ago

Well done Brad. Amazing enabler for the next phase.

manojranaweera · 7d ago

Sure. Find me there Manoj Ranaweera. I've scheduled a talk on Product and Sales before Investment for this Thursday 4 pm GMT. Looks like I am already following you Jermaine.

manojranaweera · 7d ago

Hi Andy, not disagreeing with all you said. Let's agree that's reality. But as entrepreneurs and especially as tech entrepreneurs, we can weather almost anything. As humans, we will prevail.

The best thing I've done is to stop listening to the news and get involved in airing my views. I stopped this around mid April. We only go out grocery shopping since March 12th and for short walks and in my case, a bit of cycling. We have a week's holiday in August in Scotland, and that's all the fun we had.

In terms of what's going for us:

1. Entrepreneur and Tech Visa allows folks to emigrate to the UK.
2. We have a great ecosystem.
3. You can even be a UK company without you ever setting foot here.

But the reality is that thanks to Covid 19, your location does not matter anyway. You can work from anywhere in the world and achieve everything you set out to achieve.

I live 9 miles from Manchester city centre. I have not been there since 11th March except for two occasions. I now feel like an outsider than an insider.

manojranaweera · 7d ago

Sure. Grab a time slot

manojranaweera · 8d ago

Come to Manchester, UK. We are a friendly lot. There's a huge world outside the USA. If you are looking for investment, check out the stories

manojranaweera · 7d ago

Very good analysis Andrew.

I'm here for two reasons. One is to get feedback and improve I got a lot of feedback - thank you. Next is to hang out with few other startups. I already have 27 tech startups I look after from the UK ( But unfortunately, I don't have this type of engagement facility.

manojranaweera · 7d ago

Seriously, you should build your product for your users and customers and not to please anyone here. I am even against the idea of building MVPs. I prefer V1. MVPs are introduced by investors to simply tick off their checklists.

Then every Tom and Dick think they have an investible proposition. Most tech startups aren't investible.

Please build what you are building for real users and paying customers. Thank you.

manojranaweera · 7d ago

I've declined all these invites. I know what's wrong with In my head, no point asking for more feedback until I sort out the issues. Every week, I have to find something interesting to ask when completing the progress updates. And the feedback I get from all of you is amazing. Thank you.


1. Fix the issues I know
2. Fix the issues raised by you all
3. Maybe then accept an invite.