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mangalpradamalaya · 174d ago

Were these teams participating in the tournament? I don't see any new pioneer badges in the leader board.

mangalpradamalaya · 186d ago

Happy new year!!

mangalpradamalaya · 188d ago

Take as little as possible.

mangalpradamalaya · 197d ago

Hello, I am Malay, Co-founder of GameBig

GameBig is LinkedIn for gamers. Where gamers can create their portfolio to show there gaming skills and achievements. People can hire gamers with desired skills, and organize and Participate in Esports events.

We have just finished building our MVP. We have been testing our product with our friends who play games. We have got positive responses.

We are thinking to acquire users in the following way:
1. Share in different platforms like: Reddit, Discord.
2. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Ads.

We need our advice on following areas:
1. How we should acquire users (apart from above methods)?
2. How do we create a strong network effect?
3. When and how should we launch in USA?
4. Should we think about moving to web3?

mangalpradamalaya · 202d ago

Awesome!! I will work as hard as I can to meet pioneer team in Silicon Valley.

mangalpradamalaya · 239d ago Sam Altman on How to get new ideas.