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madhukarprabhakara · 368d ago

Top of my list would be
- Identifying problems and knowing when there is there isn't a technical solution(things that can be solved without forcing tech into it) is equally important.

this is in addition to all other traits Andrew listed above.

madhukarprabhakara · 374d ago

Hi Daniel,

I would love to get feedback on the web app, Humane .
Feedback on the following would be great.
1. The landing page
2. The concept


madhukarprabhakara · 397d ago

Hi Daniel,

Thanks a lot for taking the time. I would like feedback on the following:

- Landing page ( from messaging point of view, if you understand what we are trying to do?
- How do I approach startups/teams to try our product. We are targeting small teams of 10 to 15 people right now.
- Would you and your team like to try our product? (Just a pilot for may be 15 days)