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luiz@bipa · 252d ago

That's right, and if you look from the other person's perspective, a lot of times you will find that for this matter (related to your project), you may know more than they do. Early-stage projects are mostly about: solving a real problem, believing in yourself, getting things done, and being humble enough to listen to real users and experts in the field.

My point is that you shouldn't get demotivated because Pioneer does not select you or if the feedback people give here are not very nice or helpful. The only feedbacks that really matter early on are from your users and from people that understand really well what you are doing.

luiz@bipa · 255d ago

This is something I would also like to know. It seems that it goes in the way of what Andrew is saying, Pioneer is a startup accelerator (like YC) and they will select projects based on their own biases and experiences. If you are solving a problem that they have identified in the past and can relate to, are demonstrating progress, and showing traction. You have a much higher chance than all the others.

I have been playing Pioneer for over a year and spent most of 2021 on the top 50, have gotten 4 or 5 negative "Pioneer results" even though we went from 80 verified users to +3k in 2021 alone, have grown our revenue from around 100 USD to 5k p/ month, shipped a native Android app by myself and many other improvements. Now, I only use Pioneer as a way to keep track of our goals and what we have to ship/build for the next week, but I don't even bother voting anymore. The lack of feedback has made me think my company and product will hardly fit their model, so I would rather spend 1 hour of my Monday doing customer service, coding, operational work, something that will actually push my company forward.

Pioneer is just a biased accelerator, like any other. I think it may actually be bad for some people to spend a lot of time early-on on Pioneer, most people won't understand your project on Pioneer and you will get all sorts of different feedbacks that don't really translate to your vision, it is easy to listen to some feedbacks and think they must know what they are talking about, but in reality, you know better than all of them, so just go and build whatever you have to build, ship it to real customers and only listen to them and people that also understand really well what you are doing, avoid all the noise, and most of Pioneer is just noise.

The world is a very big place and all of Pioneer experts who select projects live in a very small part of it (They all seem to be from or live in the US), they are very likely to have no idea if your project makes sense or not.