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louis · 12d ago

In theory our system means that someone can set up e.g. their Substack much better for SEO - put it at their own domain, change metatags to whatever they want, customise robots.txt. But we haven't got to tons of SEO-tweaking yet with our current customers.

louis · 15d ago

That's a pretty good idea. I'm going to look into it! My worry is that I'll spend too much time trying to find influencers and then convince them to try my product.

louis · 18d ago

Thanks very much! Really appreciate you sharing.

louis · 18d ago

Elias, this is really helpful, thanks. I'm aware that people embed Typeform because they don't support custom domains - does this work well for you? Are there any limitations with iframing that you've noticed?

louis · 18d ago

This is really, really interesting. Sounds like it could be a kind of in-browser version of Station: https://stationhq.com/. It also reminds me of someone else suggesting that I could try to build a dashboard-style product. Thanks a lot for this idea!

louis · 18d ago

Thanks for raising this important point. At the moment I manually set up every single custom domain, and so far I've rejected one person who seemed to want to use Cloakist for phishing. And in the future, I think a whitelist will be a really good idea.

louis · 18d ago

Hey Elias, the site looks great. I´m not sure if it´s relevant but we found our first customers by getting into communities (I mean, Slack channels) where people had the problem that we were solving, and then engaging in conversations with those people until magically someone bought.

One thing that just occurred to me: could you partner with companies that are already doing similar things to sell your solution whitelabeled? e.g. https://unmind.com/?locale=en.

Good luck!