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lorenwinzeler · 100d ago

Currently deploying an activity based trial model. Usage based pricing is familiar, however, most SaaS trials are time-based. An activity based trial focuses on a specific activity or outcome in the application. Usage based but around a goal. That activity or goal aligns with the value metric that they will pay for!

The benefit of activity based trials vs time based trials is that we expect more signups for trials under the activity based free trial. If a user does not anticipate using or having time to use a software in the next 7-14 days, they will often not signup at all because they would rather signup for the trial when they have time or a greater immediate need. They might forget or put it off.

It overlaps with product led growth thinking, especially in converting these trials to paid.

lorenwinzeler · 112d ago

What a coup to get on the call with Traynor/Intercom!! Now the tier 2 pricing says "Import your data from Amplitude and Intercom". :)

hope they will continue to build out connections to customer data platforms like Rudderstack (open source alternative Segment) or Customerlabs and others.

lorenwinzeler · 112d ago

I forget to mention... I'm approaching sales via cold email outreach using videos in the emails. Personalized only at this stage. All the other content videos published build your credibility when someone looks you up online when receiving your cold outreach. It's a work in progress for me.

lorenwinzeler · 112d ago

Great question. Remember... the large and antiquated is your opportunity and the motivation!!

I think you have a unique opportunity to create screen capture video content using your tool to evaluate deals and opportunities. Put it on Youtube. Snippets on Instagram, Facebook and even Tiktok. Make collaborative content with agents listing commercial real estate.

Hang in the BiggerPockets community or similar and market your content where relevant to discussions of deals. Don't pitch the software. Pitch and link to your content. Even Clubhouse, the audio app, has clubs and rooms with people trying to hussle (I'm mean syndicate) commercial deals. Don't pitch the software, pitch the how-to content.

I would try to sell to individual decision makers instead of pursuing any type of Enterprise sale process to a large company. You can put a Contact Us for Pricing form for Enterprise and field inquiries, but I would avoid complicated sales processes as a small bootstrapped company. It will suck you dry. Unless you have a best friend that can get you in and help it close.

My project sells to mortgage companies and I'm the same boat. Everything I describe above, I know I need to execute on... making video content... but it's challenging as a bootstrapped founder. I keep reminding myself to keep it simple and stick with the strategy for long enough. ...and when it starts working, don't change strategies. Double down.

Happy to connect further. loren (@) downpayment.gift

lorenwinzeler · 112d ago

First, admire the brilliance of the Pioneer tea, for getting the community to vote and filter the top company updates in a bracket.

I was surprised at the time it takes to read and attempt to provide useful feedback. I try to imagine that I'm managing my own investments or considering companies for angel investment. Positive but critical. I spent 2 to 2 1/2 hours with multiple interruptions.

I hate the laundry lists, task lists from week to week. it's hard to know what to think about them. Updates should tell a story in words and numbers. I wish the text fields for updates and feedback was slightly longer to permit a little more text and story telling. people are already hacking this to insert links to videos or screenshots!

lorenwinzeler · 112d ago

does anyone have an advisory agreement template?

Shared by ArchStaton · 123d ago · 5 comments
lorenwinzeler · 112d ago

love the U2 reference!

regarding regrets... I finally moved to mtn view in 2003 and I never found a community. what was buzzing 3-5 years ago was dead when I arrived. The 'Never Leave' line struck a chord.

it's perfectly fine to acknowledge regrets. if I don't suppress those feelings of regret, it's easier acknowledge my present situation and take action, move forward!!

lorenwinzeler · 112d ago

regarding #4. I find all these varied industries and products very inspiring. in the absence of a specific question, all feedback is the same to a startup or project. are you talking to your customers or prospective users? why is your weekly tasks not aligned with the KPIs around users.

I left some project feedback in the comment below.... "What hot, high value product could you latch on to? Noworri needs it's Peloton!"

lorenwinzeler · 112d ago

i believe they are at www.noworri.com. it's escrow for online purchase where funds are held until the product is delivered. it's a unique solution for markets where credit cards and "charge back" protection does not exist for consumers. there are inherent marketplace supply issues at getting ecommerce or other online merchants to sign up and support noworri on their sites. the pitch to merchants is increased conversion. the downside to merchants is delay in getting those funds. in my experience with ecommerce, the time that the transaction holds or locks up funds is a huge concern for cash flow.

Zoro... i would study the goto market strategies for the BNPL companies, like Affirm or Afterpay. Not the same but have similar two-sided marketplace elements and needing to get integrated on ecommerce sites to even start to work.
Is there a product category, item, high value that buyers would need more trust to purchase online?? focus online on that single product and category. For Affirm, they became the financing tool for Peloton indoor spin cycles. In fact, it was almost a third of Affirm's revenue!!! one product.

"Peloton was its top merchant partner, representing 28 percent of Affirm’s total revenue for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2020 and 30 percent of its total revenue for the three months that ended on Sept. 30, 2020. " https://news.crunchbase.com/news/affirm-s1-ipo/

What hot, high value product could you latch on to? Noworri needs it's Peloton.

Zoro... I hope this was helpful. Don't quit Pioneer.

lorenwinzeler · 113d ago

Not raising, but thinking about seed funding soon.

Here are my questions: If you review this deck without any other introduction or information, does it make sense what we are building? is the business model clear, who are selling to? does the API opportunity make sense (page 8) or should I cut this?

Pitch Deck: https://pasteapp.com/p/aRRr8XFSA39/s/RV5TV4NmLVM?view=mQDDtRXRdgd

thanks for considering,