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leandermaerkisch · 8d ago

Congrats! You serve us as an inspiring role model!

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leandermaerkisch · 13d ago

Very interesting and true point. One could argue that pipe.com & co might make traditional means of financing obsolete. But this takes time and does not solve the IPO issue. Berlin is fantastic (cheap housing + fairly international). Would be indeed great to learn more about Singapore. Thanks for sharing your 2 cents!

leandermaerkisch · 44d ago

Sharing a video link on how the app/demo works is usually sufficient for feedback. Personally, I do not install/sign-up for anything I do not want. I am unsure whether this kind of marketing to push vanity metrics is really beneficial. Thanks for taking on the discussion!

leandermaerkisch · 85d ago

There will always be players who take the convenient road and minimize their effort to provide thoughtful feedback. Personally, I believe that Pioneers function to "select 3 useful feedbacks", which in return yield 25 points for the feedback giver, provide a great incentive model to put effort into the feedback writing process. Publishing Top Feedback with respective feedback givers works similarly.

You cannot force players to provide non-helpful feedback, but what you can do is incentivize those who do. Better leaderboard position, being selected as 'Pioneer', and stronger belonging to the Pioneer community are positive consequences of providing thoughtful feedback.

For more, have a look at PG's post on being nice http://www.paulgraham.com/mean.html

leandermaerkisch · 108d ago

A close friend, we spend three years at university together.
+lots of trust and understanding of each other
-company's well-being affects our personal relationship

leandermaerkisch · 130d ago

This interview was the literal reason why we started with Pioneer. Incredibly valuable information (accelerators/VCs moving downstream) and Daniel's statements are very on point. Thanks for sharing it!

leandermaerkisch · 150d ago

Nope, just happened to us recently. We've been testing a lot of things with nocode/non-tech tools in the last 4 months and it worked. With these learnings, we now know what to build and why.

leandermaerkisch · 172d ago

Taking deep breaks during the week and on the weekend is a huge boost for my long-term productivity. Netflix is not relaxing. You've probably heard it a thousand times, but meditation, walking outside, and exercising is really helpful!