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kumar_abhirup · 252d ago

Dang that's great!!

kumar_abhirup · 260d ago

Hey Daniel & Rishi!

Kumar here.

A few months ago you reviewed the website PropagateAt, after I got an awesome teammate and mentor, we redesigned the entire brand, incorporated a Delaware C-Corp, and we are now renamed to Beam. (itsbeam.com).

We launched on Product Hunt, got exciting applications from very huge creators (Real Estate, Beauty, Stock tips influencers) and we will start onboarding them this week.

Would love to have you review the new landing page itsbeam.com (Looks bad on big devices or zoomed out windows, we are fixing it soon), would love to know your thoughts on the copywriting.

Also one more question,
PropagateAt used to have Pricing tiers for usage, but now with Beam, we have moved to the Substack model, which is completely free, just takes 20% cut in all the creator-fan transactions, like when a fan pays for a monthly subscription to SMS newsletter, or when the fan tips the creator by texting "TIP 5" message.
What are your thoughts? Direct Tier Pricing model vs Application Percent Cut?

kumar_abhirup · 269d ago

Oh, I was hoping to get some feedback on the Product Hunt pitch.

I thought launch posts were normal here because I saw many of them in past on Frontier lol, if it's an issue, feel free to moderate, thanks for notifying me!

kumar_abhirup · 269d ago

We aim to create a middle-class creator economy by paying people for the SMS content they would provide, to their fans. https://hbr.org/2020/12/the-creator-economy-needs-a-middle-class

There is a platform called Community, an SMS solution for very huge celebs, but it can't really be monetized.

There are 2 other platforms I know of in this space, both of them are fairly new, unlaunched, in beta, so we plan to outweigh them by providing cheaper cost, better product, and a lesser processing fee, better handling of payments, etc.

kumar_abhirup · 295d ago

Wow congrats on this!!! U DID IT!!! As a 17yo founder myself, you inspire me!!! Let's chat sometime?

kumar_abhirup · 316d ago

Way to go guys! Great inspiration! I root for roboflow!

kumar_abhirup · 320d ago

Hi! I got your response in chat! Replied back! by the way, my email is hello@kumarabhirup.me

kumar_abhirup · 322d ago

Hi! I am Kumar Abhirup, 17yo, building https://propagate.at,
active on Pioneer since long,
would love to talk to you!

kumar_abhirup · 325d ago

Sure! (but I don't have a Clubhouse invite)

kumar_abhirup · 325d ago

Hi Daniel!

I am Kumar Abhirup, building propagate.at, the Substack For SMS.

I listened to your last feedback and revamped the landing page completely.


Question: How's the copywriting like? Does it convey the message clearly? Also, I am using fake tweet image of a person that doesn't exist yet, to convey the idea, is that fine?