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krupeshdesai · 78d ago

Following this philosophy in my endeavour. What a great conversation to read through for a newbie like me.

krupeshdesai · 78d ago


I find this very relevant to what I am trying to achieve. DAO from day 1.
Please check

I have just on-boarded a pro crypto miner and in-game tokenomics expert to validate and co-author my white paper.
It would be great to connect and review my endeavours with your pro lenses, and explore mutual opportunity.

Reflecting on your analogy on DAO with communism. The more I looked into the decentralisation and distribution of wealth, equality , etc. I realised that, in any system there will be a triangle with less people on top with more stake in the operation and longevity of that particular system. In communism, people in key position in state run institutions and businesses ends up on the top of the hierarchy anyways. On the other hand, from poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich, wakes up and look for more value next morning. In the play-to-earn gaming world, a pro gamer who is spending 25+ hours per week in the game or in the marketplace should have more say & cut% in the roadmap of the game , and the wealth accumulated.

Again, I am still a newbie. I only desire to implement DAO type structure where the NFT holder of my 3,333 first NFT drop can participate in the voting for the roadmap , and then earn from the subsequent NFT drops & future marketplace.

If you see value in my attempt, please reach out. I am based in a small town in NZ.


krupeshdesai · 78d ago

Landed at a perfect place. DAO from day 1 challenge in my new web3 project.