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krishan711 · 572d ago
krishan711 · 572d ago

Hey Jenil, we have a website builder that's built on top of react and is soon to be open-sourced. I'd love to jump on a call with you to show you what we've built and maybe it can help you build landing pages quicker for clients :)

krishan711 · 615d ago

It's wierd - I think people have been voting on others feedback a lot less and my points have gone way down because of this. Because I'm in the habit I still vote everyweek. Im curious if this change hits everyone equally or if newer / older projects are more affected because of who their projects are shown to

krishan711 · 615d ago

Hey, thanks! It's a nice looking app but the landing page can use a bit of polish. The whitespace, for example, is a bit uneven on the page. In terms of content I think you need quite a bit more on the page. Specifically, what is the USP of your product - "What's the news Today?" isn't great because any news app can say that. Your app store title seems better since it has "verified" in it, it makes me think every peice of news is being vetted for correctness which is a great feature! If you'd like we can jump on a call some time this week to discuss in more detail:

krishan711 · 615d ago

Awesome, you can email me at :)

krishan711 · 616d ago

Good idea, will update the post!

krishan711 · 643d ago

That makes a lot of sense. I would suggest creating these examples and showing them on the page (I'm doing something similar for my product this week too) - it will help clarify. I totally get it now which means you definitely know how to explain it, just need to get it on the page

krishan711 · 643d ago

I'm one of the people that's reviewed your page - I still think its super unclear. Once i saw the "journey to software engineering" i got it though. I think even that would work better as a landing page. Or maybe have the journey of building this product or something similar. Another problem with the landing page at the moment is it's very unclear as to what I should be creating journeys for - the SWE example makes me think they are just for fun, but I would expect you have a more defined purpose for these? if not - what's the monetisation strategy?

krishan711 · 670d ago

We're working on a new one at its different from all the others in that its declarative - there is no drag and drop you just declare your content and out pops a beautiful, performant page. We're still on boarding beta users, but so far they are really liking it.

If you'd like, me or my co-founder (and wife) are always around to go thru what you need - we have reviewed all landing page builders now and can give you an honest opinion of what you need if we hear your use case.

krishan711 · 676d ago

The weekly calls on SUS definitely helped us (so far) get our pitch more refined. Also, we are building a product that would be useful to some startup founders to the calls also allowed us to get early feedback from potential users. Everything else I think is pretty much the same except the offers pack which we have access to from elsewhere so haven't used anyway.