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kinder · 284d ago

100% true. The leaderboard is not important at all, not to say useless. I have been on rank #2 on global, and in top 10 for months, nothing really happened.

Missed one voting session (was 2h late) and dropped from 2nd to 40th position. Nothing to feel sorry about. If you can get some value from being part of the tournament that's good. I know I got it, nothing is a waste here. But it's again on you how you are thinking.

kinder · 358d ago

Well, in short..

- First of all, have a good product/idea which will make people really want it.

- After that, everything is easier and you will be more welcome by others to see you posting on Groups, Communities, or to send them emails.

- For Facebook, first join groups that are related to you, your product, or your service. Be there for a while, write some posts, ask some questions, comment.

- If the group is big and quality (no spam) and you see it can bring you a lot of value to get your post there, contact admin and ask is it ok to post it.

- Don't sell, instead share some usage case, scenario, case study, tutorial, or how to solve some problem using your product.

- Now what I do is, create a native Facebook video and post on my FB page. Then I use "share to group option", which basically re-shares that native Facebook post/video into other groups. And I do that for 5-10 groups.

Here are some stats for my posts, all of the organic reach:

### Be aware
to not overdo it and get blocked by Facebook. You might receive some warnings. Do it slowly, like 5 posts per day with a delay of hours between. You can do it faster, but if you wanna stay on the safe side, do it slower.

Or, you can end up not just banned from the FB groups, but even worse Facebook can blacklist your domain name, so you will not able to post your domain link anywhere on their platforms both FB and IG. It can be a huge problem, and I had that ~year ago with another project. You can check this post on my community.

More or less, that is the strategy. But once again, its revolve around great product/idea/problem solve, find a targeted group, being part of the groups for a while, and not being greedy

kinder · 359d ago

Facebook Groups growth hack

kinder · 365d ago

At least one hour to review and give feedback to 5 votes ( both A and B).

kinder · 409d ago

$100k at the start + up to $400k option if you show growth. they also often re-invest in the following rounds too

How much equity usually asks for $400k?