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keyurshah · 10h ago

What is the current flow for recruitment and its limitations? You mentioned the positive outcomes of using your application in the deck, but I think the current issues should be added to a slide so that you can show the positives in a better way.

keyurshah · 1d ago

Hello, the deck looks good; if you can add a few lines for the below heads, it will be great
1. Why will customers/clients choose you as a third-party service provider? As you have a large pool of talent, Dedicated managers, etc.
2. Bottlenecks of current flow?
3. Target ARR?
4. How will the funds be deployed?
5. Exit strategy, if any?

keyurshah · 4d ago

You guys nailed it; the application design is slick and looks promising. Trust it is helpful for small startups, too; I will share it with a few of my friends who recently started businesses and don't have in-depth knowledge of giving quotations.

keyurshah · 4d ago

Hello, thanks for your review; traction is looking good. For now, we have reached out via references, planning to publically launch and start marketing in November, our product is ready, but we are working on the website front. Our products complement each other.

Btw I went through your site, and it's exciting. Kudos it is a great idea.