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kendsouza · 1d ago

Why should anyone trust your company to manage the flow of fiat money for the tokens? Even the big cheese Tether was caught not holding the right amount of reserves. You still have not told me what is the value derived from your stable coin. laundering:) But even for that you have to get to bilions in capitalization for the cartel to trust you.

kendsouza · 2d ago

So do you have millions of Dirhams pegged in reserve if your 'stable' coin crashes? Fiat Collaterized??...What is the collateral here?
Other than speculation what is the value derived from your coin.

kendsouza · 1d ago

You are right about owning SERP's ..u need relevant content and work on all that other stuff as you learn about it. It's a slow grind and will take you years because each business is unique. I don't think there is any ideal tool out there which brings it all together. Anyone tells u that is a ignoramus or a fraud.

Having said that, u do have a shut up and take my money product..everyone is a customer unless of course..they are immortals:). Maybe your content needs to make death more philosophical.more funny..more intriguing...rather than the content being all about putting them six feet under.
Reach out to one and all now and some will remember you i.e money in the bank:)

kendsouza · 2d ago

There is already a ton of free stuff out there which works great. Below is some..

Integrate Google Analytics in your Wordpress website.
Start a blog ..write a lot of content...integrate Yoast for SEO.
Also other tools like Google Pagespeed, google search console, trends, keyword trackers etc

I don't pay a dime to anyone and all these free tools provides great info and organic traffic.

kendsouza · 2d ago

Another one of those marketing agencies with their pricey scamy dicey marketing plans.
Most of the stuff like analyzing website performance/SEO can be done free.
There are a lot of content creation AI businesses/checking competitors online which have a reasonable subscription or free.
It they do not answer questions or provide evidence about their performance..stay away.

kendsouza · 5d ago

Do you have any subscription revenue based customer who can say they have gone from 0 subscribers to 100 or 1000 subscribers in a year because of Growth Channel?
How has been your own growth?

kendsouza · 3d ago

Ha.. the voting dilemma..between the worse and absolute worst..I gave up on it.
so between someone selling bridges and someone offering kingships..who will you vote for?:)

kendsouza · 3d ago

I feel good:) “If it feels good and if it sounds good, then it’s music.” No minting NFT's ..
But on a serious note..the nft fantasy cannot beat the streaming giants and the record labels for the simplicity of distributing music cheap. In this naive fantasy..every musician will churn out a million digital tokens thinking their music will make it big..getting stuck with the fees and realizing eventually there are no takers for it.

kendsouza · 4d ago

NFT's are based on a future valuation which may or may not materialize for a unknown musician. They are just speculative and it does not create any value. The song has value not the nft..which is like a useless receipt. The song if it is good will create value irrespective of the nft or the cd or the vinyl they are on not vice versa. The vinyl or cd by itself has no value.
As a listener..spotify or apple music suffices for unlimited music for the vast majority. if you think this vast majority is getting into nft's to support their favorite are deluding yourself. To help a musician friend or family member, I might throw $500 to buy their nft's but beyond that ..that musician friend or family member is not getting anywhere with NFT's.

kendsouza · 4d ago

The key point here is..can you name any upcoming musician who has benefited from this? Other than being stuck with fees..a negative, ..there is absolutely no value for them. Most of the aspiring musicians dish out worthless crap anyway:). Also the NFT platforms have no outreach to the mass public(which is needed in music) beyond the crypto freaks.

If I as a listener, want to listen/buy music..I go to youtube, spotify or apple music etc. The NFT bs can't beat those existing platforms or labels(NFT Labels?) for getting fans.
I can understand existing popular musicians grifting of the NFT craze. A lot of BS is promoted in the name of blockchain.