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kendsouza · 19h ago

Thanks for the shout out! I always believe if you give something, you will always receive something in return. Rooting for the success of Miit as always.

kendsouza · 20h ago

Do you have folks who would do business research or online sales? What would be their level of commitment and for how long? There would definitely be value in this service, if they do not abandon the project in a week or 2 after I spend a lot of time to bring them on board.

kendsouza · 5d ago

Content and lots of content could be blogs, videos, podcasts, infographics, social media posts etc. Takes time though!

kendsouza · 11d ago

You have adopted a great lifestyle.
Just one more not react to every thought that pays you a visit..including thoughts about thinking:)
It is much easier to let most of the thoughts just pass by.

kendsouza · 12d ago

How about less thinking & less decision making?:)

One of the ways would be to adopt a minimalist & simple life. You don't have to give up everything.
But scaling back on the things you are attached to will have a cascading effect of less clutter in your head and the space you live in leading to less stress and more clarity in your thinking and fewer and better decisions .

Steve Jobs wore the same black turtleneck, blue jeans and sneakers every day.  No thinking on the clothes he needed to wear and one less useless decision he had to make everyday,

kendsouza · 16d ago

Our company has 2 SaaS products.. RunPTO and RunHOA.
RunPTO has paid subscribers and starting to gain traction while RunHOA is just getting into the customer adoption phase.
From my own experience and SaaS perspective, every stage has its unique share of obstacles.
The first ofcourse would be a thorough understanding and validation of the customer's problem.
The second obstacle or series of obstacles encountered would be in acquiring various resources to give your solution shape starting with domain expertise, initial funding(bootstraping) and tech skills to build it with.
The next big obstacle would be in getting customer signups for your solution on a mass scale. And then converting them to paid subscribers is another big hurdle.
After that I believe would be reducing customer churn:).

Some things we just take it in stride. As we understand, it will just take time..

Funding: I have figured that getting to 1000 paid subscribers(RunPTO +RunHOA) will get us to a annual gross revenue of around $400k.. we will be in great shape then. Getting funding at the early stage (without traction, this is difficult) will be great and we will reach our targets faster. One VC has told us he wants to buy us out if we reach 1000 subscribers. Don't think we need him then:)

Mass awareness of our products in the niche we operate in:
For RunPTO , some of the RunPTO keywords are on page 1 of google which helps us to get customer signups organically without spending a dime on marketing.
For RunHOA, building & spreading content(grunt work) is in the works. Maybe a year or so before RunHOA gets some traction on google search.

kendsouza · 17d ago

I believe the most important thing for any company is always going to be customer discovery. One might think they have a billion dollar idea, but if there are no takers for it, the rest is moot. Also the customers/users you talk to should really and I mean really need what you are building. If they are not desperate for what you are building (that would be your biggest obstacle) , you have to keep on iterating until you get to that product market fit for your customers/users. Once you are past this obstacle, and get traction, the rest will be easy after that.
With, even though I know the customer segment (Home Owner Associations) very well, I still want to talk to a 1000 decision makers in this segment and still listen to their problems and see that I have not missed anything. Only then I will know that I have understood my customer very well and I am past my biggest obstacle.

kendsouza · 15d ago

Great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

"The first goal I set for our company was narrow: make 10 happy users use our product. A happy user uses it, pays for it, and organically praises it. Focusing on a few wonderfully happy users is a better recipe for great retention. Then go from 10 → 100 → 1K → 10K → 100K."

kendsouza · 28d ago

Wow! That is a amazing product u have there. I am sure you will find a product market fit in many other niche areas. I was just looking at my backyard today and all the weeds that pop up in the spring. I do not put any weed killers or fertilizers on my grass. I was thinking it would be nice to have some kind of drone which I can control with a remote and pick those weeds. If you build something like that, let me know. I will be your first buyer:)