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kendsouza · 5h ago

Transparency here should be Pioneer's responsibility. Maybe they can have a button on the leaderboard besides each participant where you can see their KPI's or allow the participant to share notes or URLs. Then perhaps the leaderboard will become more credible as you can see week over week progress or what is the basis of their progress or it is just a hustle.

For RunPTO, the only number I care about is paid subscribers. Everything revolves around that now. If a trial subscriber does not convert, I try to understand, why not and go from there. I will share other nos in the future on RunPTOs website when it can be meaningfully used to attract new subscribers ...e.g number of folks are using financials, signup forms, online store sales, directory, so many documents are stored etc etc.

For you, it will make sense to break down your available volunteers into various skillsets along with count, so your potential customers will know what is available and if they are readily available.

kendsouza · 1d ago

Your numbers have to be credible or atleast seem to be credible. It should be based on traction. If you have 0 sales, you cannot project for 2, 3 years or 5 will appear all bogus as it is obvious. You have to show when you will make your first sale, 1st month and the current year. Even if you have all depends. If you have $100 in sales, you cannot say you will reach million dollars next year or 5 million in 5 years. For financial projections, there has to be some consistent growth over some period.

kendsouza · 2d ago

There is nothing amazing about superhuman. It is good marketing to the few who think they are exclusive. The masses are never going to pay for email or a browser. But they raised $120 million and valued at $850 million.
It is one of those 'unicorns' which is at serious risk of dying.

kendsouza · 3d ago

You have to make money or become the shiny object.

Most of the VC money is dumb money and 90% of it loses ..even the YC kind.
It is a monkey sees, monkey does crowd chasing the latest buzz words. Some of them get lucky..not because they knew how to pick a winner . It is always a gamble just like the stock market. Out of the average 10 they invest in.. 9 loses money and the 1 might end up making it up for the losses. Any monkey with money can do that.. But because of that 1 success..they will go on to tout it or write a silly book on how they have a eye on picking the winners..they don’t.

How miit becomes the shiny object is up to you or it is nothing but another one of those social media apps on the block.

Is that not what Rahul Vohra did with email(superhuman)? He charges $30 bucks a month for something which is free..just like you pay for water in a shiny bottle. He made email shiny and he made it exclusive and the suckers fell for it:)

kendsouza · 2d ago

Ah.. don't listen to them. You and you only will understand your vision.

kendsouza · 5d ago

Ah.. you don't have to be rigid. There need not be one reason to use this platform or any platform.
For accountability there needs to be transparency. It is hard to call Pioneer transparent.
The leaderboard is not outcome based .. likely heavily moderated by the inside folks to keep it relevant.
As for the feedback .. it is volatile..mostly courtesy feedback..once in a while you will have a gem of a feedback.
But it is a good observation platform, good for journaling..sometimes the act of evaluating some projects brings about some insights.
And as a community,it is a positive to connect and share thoughts. I would not know 'Andy' or 'Manoj' without Pioneer.:)
There ya go..the good with the bad.

PS: I am just as accountable to my wife:)

kendsouza · 7d ago

Lack of accountability is not a issue..because I am accountable to my customers always.
I started getting traction when I started listening to my customers and giving them what they want.
The biggest issue was myself getting all the nonsense that is out there..accountability,time management etc etc:) No more!

kendsouza · 7d ago

did you not put 2 and 2 together ?:)

kendsouza · 9d ago

Twitter is good..for @runpto
I just follow PTAs and PTOs across the US as and when I came across them. Most of them have followed me back (975 followers). Some of them have become my paid subscribers.
There are 80,000 PTOs across the a long way to go. I need to get a dedicated person for social media:) just find out who your likely customers or user base will be and follow them.