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Shared by karen@palabra.io · 556d ago · 22 comments
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Shared by karen@palabra.io · 556d ago · 22 comments
karen@palabra.io · 555d ago

somewhat related, but not specifically on the same space/industry as my current idea.

karen@palabra.io · 564d ago

2 suggestions:
- palabra.io (to automate an email after people sign up).
- a mail merge tool like Mailmeteor if you already have a list.

karen@palabra.io · 569d ago

I think it can be shorter. Based on what I see on your landing page maybe something like: 'A social network that uses geography to connect you with new people'.
I don't think it has to sound interesting, it just has to be easy to understand.
Your description also makes me think if you are really 'solving loneliness'. Sounds like a strange value prop. What value are your users really getting from this app that they can't get from Tinder/TikTok/Twitter?

karen@palabra.io · 621d ago

maybe distribution > product?

karen@palabra.io · 621d ago

my question is about where to place focus. both things can happen at once for sure.

karen@palabra.io · 621d ago

Growth or profit? 500 free users or 10 paying users (same subscription model. $15/month)?

karen@palabra.io · 635d ago

•Does the packaging look trustworthy enough? Any feedback on the design and content?
Not for me, sorry. I would suggest you hire a professional designer. I have these guys to recommend: https://www.behance.net/weareasis?tracking_source=search_projects_recommended%7Casis

•Any pointers on improving cold-email response rate?
Attending events (even online) and meeting some of these people worked for me.

karen@palabra.io · 643d ago

that's a good point, thank you.

karen@palabra.io · 643d ago

thanks. yeah, I agree that's the strongest part. I had the recipes on the hero at one point but I got a lot of bad feedback from users who couldn't understand the product.
having said that, I do need to revisit the structure of the landing page. will probably focus on that in a couple of weeks!

karen@palabra.io · 643d ago

hey there! yes, it is. https://evergreen.segment.com/ I just contacted you on Discord to ask you more questions :)