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kamalsprasad · 548d ago

I've had ups and downs. Yes, it sucks, but how you proceed will determine success or failure. Meditate, then get back to making your app the best it can be. ALl the best!

kamalsprasad · 548d ago

Definitely Javascript for web apps. It's getting really powerful to a point where they can be used to built native desktop /mobile apps. If course, html and CSS goes with that. ALl the best!

kamalsprasad · 577d ago

Wow, this looks great! Well done.

ALl the best!

kamalsprasad · 577d ago

Hi, I'm building https://list.app with my brother. We just released the MVP along with a demo video: https://youtu.be/9cw76cQYLEc Would love feedback on the video to know if it clearly conveys the main features of the app.