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kadirinip · 46d ago

Amazing news. Congrats to all guys.

kadirinip · 60d ago

In fact, you summarized our route very well, Sal, our main motivation is to quickly produce products for different user groups and enter into different learning adventures. We have yet to come across an idea that we would like to devote our lives to, but when we encounter it, we want to be ready in many ways.
Maybe you want to join our mailing list and be aware of us, maybe we will produce something together in the future.

There is a team that enjoys meeting new people and working together, and we also enjoy announcing this to people.
In this way, we aim to motivate people to produce and invite them to unity.

Thank you again for your comment.

We're in PH now, maybe you want to support us :)

kadirinip · 60d ago

Thank you so much for your comment Corzy, you motivated us so much. We thought it took a lot of time compared to the productivity that the core lack of Productivity tools brought us. For this reason, we have always set our main goal in our work as "something must be finished in less than 30 seconds".

We're on Product Hunt right now, maybe you'd like to support it.

In the meantime, I was curious about your work, I thought we had to learn from you. Thanks a lot again :)

kadirinip · 66d ago

it is very useful and user-friendly app, I wish you success at your lunch. I think you can implement extra features like instant message via people can ask questions themselves about their learning process etc.