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justinglibert · 684d ago

Pioneer here: It took us 2-3 months to go from nothing to 2nd Global. We got selected as Pioneers that week. I'd say mileage will vary, as there is no objective way to know what the probability of being selected is when you are in top 10 (I don't think anyone "wins" outside the top 10).

Regarding funding: Pioneer doesn't really let you "pitch" to random investor, you don't need them to do that. What Pioneer offers in terms of funding opportunity is mostly the livestream which will bring a lot of attention to your project.

Money & perks are cool, but what matters is the access to the Pioneer community (and of course Jackson who is the biggest perk of Pioneer). You get to meet cool people though weekly "Pioneer meal" (which is something not emphasised on their landing page), play Minecraft together, have Office Hours with Daniel, join private AMAs, ...
Pioneer is not about the "funding" and the "pitching to investors", it's about joining a private, well curated community of very smart people from all over the world.

justinglibert · 684d ago

You get to flex if you are in the top 5 to 1%

justinglibert · 814d ago


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justinglibert · 814d ago

This is pretty interesting! Good work

justinglibert · 814d ago
justinglibert · 814d ago

Update: everything is ready. Looking forward to test with some people from the hack! DM me on Slack (Justin Glibert) to try it with us :)