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jun-s · 155d ago

cool. what caused the decline / what was the product?

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jun-s · 212d ago

So this is more of a canvas that you can write on? Perhaps...

Defter Notes is an open canvas for your notes, built for iPad users.

jun-s · 212d ago

:) Looks good! Nice simplifications. Am also curious about free-floating and handwritten and gesture based.

jun-s · 216d ago

Definitely can narrow this one down.

Keywords: scheduling, in-email, sales teams.

Output: MeetBit is an in-email scheduling tool for sales teams.

jun-s · 312d ago

Unfortunately, don't know anyone. Seems pretty low likelihood that someone would have a good answer for you here on Frontier, but you never know. Mostly just sympathy :) Automated customer services are a pain. I wonder if it's just some small detail of the information you inputted that's off by a single character. Good luck

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"Excellence is hours and interest." - friend of mine

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Can you expand how you go about getting feedback on Clubhouse?
Do you go to rooms where you can pitch?

jun-s · 353d ago

what rooms or people are you listening to?