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julia · 532d ago

Thanks for the honest feedback, Brandon! Nailing down the target user and that "hero moment" is our #1 priority right now.

julia · 540d ago

@brandon here's what the target user looks like:

Demographics: Age 18 - 35. Not necessarily a crypto user. Can be a "mainstream" person, optionally crypto-curious

Pain points(any of the following):
- Travels internationally for work/study/leisure, or has family overseas -> needs to think about foreign exchange frequently
- Affected by price of imported/international goods and services (i.e. Indian family paying tuition for American university, Brazilian company paying for software in USD, individual purchasing foreign-made video games/apparel)
- Living in a country with depreciating currency (i.e. relative to USD or other major currency) or economic downturn (i.e. inflation)

And thanks for the typo correction! Fixed.