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jules · 161d ago

I like to build so dev side is where I'm strongest, but I'm focused on developing my sales and marketing muscle right now. It's still early. I'm collecting user feedback each week and iterating on the product and messaging. Also running weekly experiments with different marketing channels. Seeing some promise!

jules · 166d ago

Hey jerico, yes I use Wombo every single day and I love it haha. With Wombo you design a system of habits to get the results that you want and then you follow a simple daily plan. The plan gives me clarity and makes it easy to stick to my system. The result is that I’m sticking to my healthy habits and feeling energized and focused. Additionally I’m more productive because I’m going to bed earlier and waking up earlier to meditate and complete a deep work session. I can’t list all of my habits here but you can see them all in the Wombo habit templates.

jules · 166d ago

My past side projects have failed because I was trying to solve a problem for a customer that wasn't me and that wasn't anyone that I was close to. As a result, I couldn't establish a feedback loop of talking to the customer and building a product that solves their problem.
I've read so many times that you should solve your own problem, and so this time I decided to do just that.

I've always been ambitious but to get things done I mostly relied on motivation. I learned more about the power of good habits and how good habits done consistently are the best way to get the results that you want. I struggled to stick to my good habits (i.e go to bed early, read, and work on my side project every morning). I realized that I wanted to build a tool that made it easy to build good habits that stick. This was the start of www.wombo.io!

jules · 166d ago

“Many people think that they lack motivation when what they really lack is clarity”. A simple plan is the most effective way to build good habits and make consistent progress. For example, creating a simple to do list. It’s also important to take care of your mind and body so that you can perform at your best (I.e sleep, food, exercise). Input != output.

I’m passionate about this topic and wanted to solve this problem for myself so I built www.wombo.io. With Wombo you define who you wish to become and the results that you want, design a system of habits to get the results that you want, and finally follow a simple daily plan to stick to your system and make consistent progress. I use Wombo every day and I LOVE it haha. I’d love for you to try it and get your feedback! I’d be happy to give my feedback on your product in return.