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joyce · 103d ago

Interest from multiple hunters is a great thing :) Blast em all, I think! But send good emails / messages. Keep it short!

joyce · 103d ago

Nice, looks fun. I like the IG. Can't help you on the hunter, sorry. That may be a difficult find. However what you could do is scroll through past hunters, contact them and see if they'd be open to it. Once a hunter, always a hunter.

Fromm PH:
From a Pioneer:

joyce · 122d ago

Adding in Remora Robotics ( and Autobon AI (!

joyce · 122d ago

Love this question! Agree with @robbowers, no easy answer.

Love these stories:
- Wozniak built the Apple II while still at Hewlett Packard.
- Phil Knight built Nike on the side (with clear market fit) for as long as he possibly could. Grinded it out as an accountant, I believe, at first, then transitioned to a Professor to afford more free hours. Then eventually, forced by the success of the company, went full-time.

If it's clear that you need to quit in order to physically keep up with support tickets / demand, then do it! Otherwise, don't.

joyce · 136d ago

It is real time but you can still curate your feed given what clubs you follow, who you follow, and the interests you select

joyce · 137d ago

If you are in the audience, you can listen to it like a podcast or ambient background. And if something interesting is discussed, then you can pay closer attention.
Rooms vary greatly in quality. So you have to curate your feed, much like Twitter.
There are great connections being made, but also inauthentic and transactional ones depending on club and room.