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joshbrill · 17d ago

Yes, I'm pretty much doing a modern take on that kind of design.

joshbrill · 17d ago

It's a game controller for fighting games that can improve special move and combo execution by having an 8-way joystick instead of a D-pad.

joshbrill · 17d ago

Well I'm perfectly fine with them not caring. I'm used to people not caring. I'm just trying to improve myself at the very least because my body is the only one I have control over.

joshbrill · 17d ago

Yeah I'm familiar with CE, the US equivalent is FCC certification. Thankfully my product idea has no wireless connectivity, but because it has a 16Mhz MCU, I'll still need verification of it being a non-intentional generator of EMI but that's a lot less expensive than full on FCC certification. I'm still waiting on my PCBs to start building my prototype.

joshbrill · 17d ago

Yeah a link might be the best idea

joshbrill · 17d ago

Yeah to me Web3/NFTs/"the metaverse" is just another dot com bubble waiting to happen.

joshbrill · 112d ago

Yes I'm building my own company with blackjacks and hookers too. And cocaine for good measure.

joshbrill · 113d ago

Haven't launched yet but already made a lot of mistakes lol

joshbrill · 117d ago

I have an electronics hardware startup and it seems to me as long as you get into the top 50 you have a chance of being selected.

joshbrill · 124d ago

Look into no-code development platforms. I'm not sure how good they are because I haven't used them myself but if you can't hire a developer right now it'll get you started on building the platform. At the very least you'll have a front-end prototype that will show an investor how it's supposed to work without it actually working yet.