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josephofiowa · 531d ago

Thanks for the highlight and thanks, all, for the encouragement. We find a ton of value in Pioneer and its community.

josephofiowa · 531d ago

Generous - long way to go

josephofiowa · 579d ago

I had a great time on this podcast; I'd recommend joining for an interview.

josephofiowa · 599d ago

We (Brad and I) share a login at Roboflow

josephofiowa · 600d ago

We've (Roboflow) had the same thing happen re: a high number of upvotes without frontpage! +1 to writing support

josephofiowa · 805d ago

Restaurant order management SaaS

josephofiowa · 805d ago

Receive alerts based on financial market movements

josephofiowa · 805d ago

Identify where to volunteer to teach English in Africa