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jorgegarcia · 449d ago

awesome, congrats, keep going !

jorgegarcia · 450d ago

that sounds amazing, good luck !

jorgegarcia · 528d ago

nuboxz: amazon lockers for craigslist -Pay online and check your item, if you dont like it just put it back.
Don't meet or wait for anyone, ever.

- Does it make sense to wait to reach vc's until we gather additional data with 10 locations
using our new hw iteration and more users or current progress would be about the same risk from their point of view ?

We made lots of progress but being 100% bootstrapped and keeping our day job make us slow.

Any feedback is welcome, thanks !

jorgegarcia · 631d ago we launched this year, yes, during covid19 pandemic. Got more than 20+ people using our "amazon lockers for craigslists!" pandemic surge block us from having people after we launched so we use that time redesign and improve our infrastructure. we are growing bit a bit ! we are working to push our next hw/sw iteration, maybe even pushing form an mvp to our production 1.0, who knows.

jorgegarcia · 659d ago

at some point Jason Calacanis started following us at @nuboxz, i didnt knew about him or his podcasts so long story short thats how we found out about Pioneer, we really really liked Pioneer format since we are a remote team. Its really nice !

jorgegarcia · 699d ago

hey ! any practical list of points i should be completely sure to do before applying ? thanks a lot !

jorgegarcia · 702d ago

breack down targets into milestones and tasks we can assign, track and mark complete. we use asana but any tool supporting this can help. just try to move the needle a bit every, single, day!

jorgegarcia · 712d ago

amazon lockers for facebook marketplace