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jordanburgess · 798d ago
jordanburgess · 814d ago

What a slog! We spent a good few hours in chrome extension permission hell and lost our best man at 3am due to a macbook SSD failure... he came back like a champ on his gf's work machine for some strong emotional support on zoom.

We think this could be useful to a crowd much larger than the niche Anki-user base. If you want an intro spaced repetition this article that forces you to learn quantum computing is awesome.

We want to use this ourselves. If you want to use this early or help email us at

jordanburgess · 814d ago

Not using any neural networks just yet. We used spacy for the NLP features, and a niave bayes model for cloze task word selection.

jordanburgess · 815d ago

Got a working ML model for the smart generation of cloze completion task on sentences going.