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joncar · 128d ago

Well, Reality kinda sucks. At the same time if it weren't for covid it probably would not have fast-tracked the rendition of such a device. I mean, I know technology builds on itself, and these efforts take thousands of talented engineers, artists, and all types of people. I've always loved technology, sometimes I wish I could hang with friends again and just chill out, I feel like I just want to throw every tech out! I've always loved music too, even if my taste in music wasn't only questionable but quite strange as well. I love a lot of things, but one thing I truly hate is wasting time. P.C. Sometimes reality can be cool! :]

joncar · 147d ago

I think, that if you can't really get someone else to help you with your idea, the idea or the founder needs to find help! I think the more people you find to help with your idea the better. That's my thoughts on the subject.

joncar · 155d ago

Honestly, all those YouTube kids are quite impressive, but we aren't looking for that approach, on the display.

joncar · 155d ago

build it. Like all the YouTube kids. :\

Honestly, We are attempting a more structured approach; honestly.

Using a type of minimally embedded system into the frames is what we are hoping to accomplish. Something a little bit more to the specs on raspberry pi Zero. Without the I/O headers, without usb connector, without the SIM card.

The display alternatives are not available.

joncar · 155d ago

thank you
Manojranaweera, I really need to google into how how open source projects work with for-profit organizations.

joncar · 155d ago

Thank you to everyone that is commenting! It means so much to get your feedback and comments! It's interesting to see how other people "see" me and my brand.

joncar · 155d ago

We need access to the hardware we want to implement. I've talked to the manufacturer we want to partner with to iterate on their tech. We simply can't afford to pay what their asking price is.

joncar · 155d ago

Apologies, not intending to be rude. We are attempting to go through a Google Accelerator talking with a super nice lady from Google, and we PLAN on using Unity as our development environment, to build the apps for it. We have a lot of work. Building the platform, where people can download the apps built in Unity, grandiosity would be nice, but it's not something we have the liberty to have now.