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jonathanholtby · 54d ago

Yes, sorry - thought you'd already read it! My bad, I'll explain. The book has three sections: an introduction, Generative Experimentation, and Evaluative Experimentation. The intro covers how and why founders should be experimenting and using the Lean methodology. Section two is all the different ways to do Generative Experiments (which are designed to come up with good market hypotheses) and the last section is all the different ways to do Evaluative Experiments that confirm (or disprove) the hypotheses you've come up with.

jonathanholtby · 54d ago

Hell yes I can - my last role we ran a series of rapid iteration alternative market tests, looking for a new sector to sell into. We ran the Generative Tests all the time; we would literally just schedule a meeting and chuck them together on the spot. But as soon as we had a good hypothesis we'd run Google Ads / Landing Page / Conversion form 404 Smoke Tests on all the options for that hypothesis on a 72 hour schedule.

Here's an example: We at one point decided we wanted to explore selling our technology into the Alternative Lending market, which is a subset of fintech. We set up six 404 Smoke Tests one afternoon, each starting with a Google Ad tailored to a perceived market problem, and ending in a landing page selling a different version of our value proposition. When one of the ads hit a high rate of return we'd convert it into a full conversion pipeline and double-check it with an outbound sales campaign.

jonathanholtby · 54d ago

Not related to growth, but generally for all startup development I can't recommend the Real Startup Book highly enough. It's a very straightforward explanation of the experiments you need to run to find P/MF:

jonathanholtby · 54d ago

Happy to be outvoted here, but in my opinion pay-to-play accelerators are a bad idea. You want to use the accelerator to signal to your next round of investors that you have gained traction, experience, and learning from your last 6 months of company progress. If you had to pay to get into the program, the investors don't know if you have a good company (and that's why you got in) or you had a terrible company and just paid the fee.

For my money it would be better to just focus on the fundamentals of your business and apply to more prestigious programs.

(that said, I don't know them from a hole in the wall. I would be very happy to be wrong about them)

jonathanholtby · 54d ago

Never heard of em! Is there a link?

jonathanholtby · 55d ago

Happy new year!