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jermainevanryck · 4d ago

I would love to come on .. Jermaine Vanryck ... let me know the next steps

jermainevanryck · 5d ago

following back

jermainevanryck · 6d ago

If you ever get one let me know !

jermainevanryck · 6d ago

Create I see you and followed back! That seems like a good time

jermainevanryck · 10d ago

Me :
Jermaine Vanryck

jermainevanryck · 13d ago

What is your contact information

jermainevanryck · 17d ago

Both seem really cool!! It would be great to share some ideas or talk founder to founder about different ideas.. do you have a LinkedIn so we can contact

jermainevanryck · 16d ago

Hey Tosh I would love to interview you for a YouTube channel I am building about startups!! .. let me know if that is something you would want to do .. we can talk about tips and tricks or about the interview