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jerico · 17d ago

the cockroach lifestyle! nice. what is your project now // how are things going?

jerico · 17d ago

Not sure I understand the bot at first glance, mind clarifying?

jerico · 17d ago

Cool, interesting plug! Any interesting insights since turning it on?

jerico · 33d ago

Great learning, good on ya for sharing! :)

jerico · 40d ago

Love this take. I wonder if it's only possible to have a flourishing economy full of smaller companies if they sit snugly in the shadow of large monoliths? Like could the world theoretically move entirely away from big business, or is it necessary for there to be a few giant pillars?

On the content front, couldn't be truer. Everything personalized, too.

jerico · 43d ago

How much time do the volunteers put in and how do you convince them it's worth their time?

jerico · 43d ago

In the beginning, you do a few challenges for baseline points (e.g. fill out your application) -- from that point on, all of the points you receive are based on comparative progress with others in the Tournament. More people = more people to compare against && higher challenge of separating yourself from the pack.

jerico · 44d ago

Love this line:

I think that failure is the best teacher. But better than failing is getting to learn by reading about my failures in a tweet instead of losing $10MM yourself.