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jerico · 32d ago

Interesting. Had no idea about this.

Shared by macOS · 69d ago · 6 comments
jerico · 68d ago

I think you'd definitely need to build something out, before raising capital. If you can create a dashboard that actual hovers cleanly above both AWS and GCP, that'd be appealing. What would be your first goals?

jerico · 69d ago

Oh interesting -- what infra examples would this be? Heroku / AWS, etc?

jerico · 69d ago

I hear good things about an app called Signal... not sure though. What's the product? I feel like the nature of the product will determine which service you use to stay in contact with these folks. Good luck!

jerico · 73d ago

Nice. I wonder if there's a way to capitalize on twitter with everyone building in public... like a habits in public kind of thing.

Also been doing a bunch of reading recently centered around "go really hard on your strengths and only buoy your weaknesses up to a certain necessary point." May be worth seeing if a customer of yours would want to help market as well, as a contractor job...

jerico · 74d ago

Very cool -- when you think about the business, where do you feel you're strongest? Dev side or sell side? How's it going as a whole, have you had other people try it out?

jerico · 79d ago

Cool -- you are using this daily? How have you seen the results?

jerico · 81d ago

Love a bundle!