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jeremyorr · 238d ago

If you are looking for a primer I would recommend this podcast episode:

Have fun exploring, it's an amazing tool!

jeremyorr · 255d ago

Awesome and good luck to you and the other fella!

jeremyorr · 256d ago

I quite like the broad idea but I don't have the more specific vision that you have. So if I was just joining your project, I think a KPI I would want to work on early is identifying 20-30 contributors (are they private businesses, governments, trade groups, industries etc) and doing some in-depth interviewing and understanding of what the ROI would have to be for them to participate.
For example, your MVP is showing off 2 different technologies, does that mean 2 businesses, or 5 businesses for each of the 2 technologies. I would not be super excited to go and see 2 businesses at a 'trade show' but 10 businesses in 2 emerging technologies, that I might pay admission for! But what do those businesses expect out of it? can you promise 20,000 attendees, or whatever they feel is a good ROI for them.

I think you have a really great goal, but need to work on how you balance all sides of the 'marketplace' to make it compelling for everyone to participate.

jeremyorr · 257d ago

Don't sweat it.
The score on Sunday would seem to me to be the score that matters, it's in flux the rest of the week. I would even go so far as to suspect the score Pioneer goes off is your score right at the weekly update deadline.

As soon as the update deadline hits, everyone looses 150 points as the oldest set of "Votes you've submitted" and "Feedback from other players" is dropped off the tail.

You then have 24 hours to score your 50 points for "Votes you've submitted." and depending when you look others may have already scored all 50 points.

Once that 24 hour voting period is over you will start to accumulate your (up to) 100 points for "Feedback from other players" and during that time there is a lot of movement, because remember at the top of the ladder the scores separating you from others above and below is slim and 25 points can be several ranking spots.

So if your feedback gets all 100 points right away, you might see others overtake you during the week as their feedback points come in. Same in reverse, you may have dropped down until thursday or friday but then you get a few more teams rating their feedback and you pop up a bit more.

I don't have a great feel for the nuance of the "Ratings from players and experts" but I'm not certain how large an effect that has overall anyway.

jeremyorr · 279d ago

That's high value feedback.

jeremyorr · 286d ago

I like this too!

jeremyorr · 286d ago

That's a good one! not an every-day quote, but a stuck in the muck quote. Thanks for sharing it!

jeremyorr · 289d ago


jeremyorr · 289d ago

certainly the best way to experience it. :)

jeremyorr · 289d ago

I'm really intrigued by the last one... I think I'm going to have to yoink that for me too!