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jenil_thakker · 10h ago

Hey Daniel,
What do you think of the idea of re-branding to a different name after launching the product?

Context: We're building Coinvise ( helping creators and communities create, distribute and exchange their own branded cryptocurrency.

jenil_thakker · 51d ago

Hi Daniel,
About us: I'm building Coinvise ( -- A platform for creators and communities to mint and issue their own virtually branded cryptocurrencies (also referred to as "social money" or "social tokens")

Some context: We launched our public beta on 1st Jan on --

Question: Given that some of our users may not be familiar to using crypto, what do you think of our app and website in terms of usability and getting the message across to people who are new to crypto?

jenil_thakker · 129d ago

Thanks a lot for sharing. Will let you know.

jenil_thakker · 132d ago

Netlify works great with static server less websites. Vercel is a good option too. If you need an API endpoint or host an app, AWS works great, seems to be the popular options for developers. There's some great products that also help with scaling using AWS, at affordable prices.

jenil_thakker · 132d ago

React for building it, and deploy them on netlify!