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jb · 11h ago

Hello Manoj, yes I did. And congrats on the proof point. Okay, I'll consider it. Thank you!

jb · 21h ago

I am building a dashboard/console/taught diary app which manages your life. Initially, I am planning to onboard users manually. The app is in prototype and not functional, however, I still want to onboard and get initial feedback.

jb · 1d ago

You are already in God's country, and you are so close to the Valley why do you regret it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sERtcG-TUCU

Be ambitious, despite being an arduous task you'll eventually get there if you want it, of course. If you stumble a hindrance by somebody, then you have the liberty and she will come to rescue you. Don't squander the opportunity a billion people lack ...

jb · 3d ago

You are lucky to have the state of mind. But for me, that state is being forged via the Pioneer in dribs and drabs. But for the full blast, I got to be in there in the environment which alters my mind at the subconscious levels. 

I imagine/visualize it as a binary star system like Alpha Centauri System. For me, Pioneer is Alpha Centauri B and deep Silicon Valley is Alpha Centauri A. Somehow by luck and chance I am orbiting from an extreme distance (not so close yet but I wanted to be) around Alpha Centauri B which I am grateful for. But also want to have a first-hand experience of orbiting around the Alpha Centauri A. But for that to happen I need to trail a blaze/break the laws of physics. hahaha :) 

jb · 2d ago

Fully automated farming and AI-powered barbershops are I think going to emerge in the next 5 years.

jb · 2d ago

Hey Andy,

I agree writing software with a pure general language e.g. English is a long way to come.

But how about if only using logical plain descriptive English (adjectives/adverbs free and with less ambiguous verbs) you write a 1st grader level paragraph and the compiler optimizes it via the interview-based process till machine code?

What do you say to this? Do you think it is a crackpot thought?

jb · 3d ago

Hey JP, thanks for asking this. 

Although I have not chosen one to work on yet my ideas come to me from my intense desire to create environments/things which make me and other people feel out of this world experiences. 

And I have a lot of them. Here are the neurotic incomplete ones. hahaha :)

Kitchens 2.0 - Let people socialize around their kitchens while having exhilarating experiences.
Imagine your kitchen appliances encapsulated into an automated box. The box is powered by expert knowledge and cooks just good as a world-class chef and is the size of half of your vehicle which you can refuel with fresh organics in hologram-protected packs. 
Bring together the brightest agronomists and food science experts for continent-scale closed environment-based organic food production. Let the top-class chefs create expert knowledge for your box.

Dashboard 2.0 for natural and legal persons which is an expert in your relationship between you and your government - Imagine having a dashboard where you can get neatly summarized de facto substantiated information in plain language on let's say your legal rights and obligations for the particular jurisdiction (it can/will work on multi-jurisdiction mode as well), also can help you to manage your business hassle-free.

jb · 6d ago

Awesome, thumbs up. And thanks for the tips. Wishing you all the best with whatever you are after in Pioneer and life. Don't forget to inspire/excite us, post some cool stuff in the Frontier along the way. Cheers, jb

jb · 6d ago

Hey Swoove, congrats on your position on the Leaderboard. How is the feeling now? Is it like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3CTVsUXG84 hahaha :)

I was curious since when you are at the Tournament? Any tips for wannabes?

jb · 6d ago

Although our approach on how we handle things may do not match (doesn't need to be at all), but we certainly agree on a lot of other things. It may be not quite apparent yet.