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jackson · 100d ago

If you get a chance to record a Loom video of the product, do share!

jackson · 100d ago

Great update! Please do share a Loom video, if possible! Curious to see it in action.

jackson · 100d ago

This is great, Marton! Mind sharing a loom video of the progress as well? Thanks!

jackson · 100d ago

Great update! Landing page 401, unfortunately.

jackson · 102d ago

Great work! Heads up, Slack join link wasn't working.

jackson · 114d ago

Hey Mo et al! Clarification – You can still receive the $100K for AWS/GCP.

jackson · 176d ago

18 quick fixes to sharpen your writing

Really basic, really helpful.

jackson · 195d ago

Nice. Look forward to seeing. Are there any similar forums you're using as aesthetic/functional inspiration?
I read it, indeed! Good stuff.

jackson · 196d ago

How are you getting more journalists in the pipeline? Am also curious to see what the forum end up looking like.

jackson · 232d ago

To focus on the work itself, less on the explanation, maybe char limit descriptions?