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jackson · 245d ago

All Pioneers in the Tournament have the badge before their name!

jackson · 257d ago

Hey! Are you looking for feedback?

jackson · 321d ago

Ah I see, yep that makes sense. May workshop that. Ty!

jackson · 321d ago

Hey Andy! Those videos are watchable by folks who've been selected as Pioneers. Should we change up that language?

jackson · 324d ago

Shoe Dog! Best of the best. Nike's origin story.

jackson · 330d ago

You should be able to record a new video, post to YT unlisted, and re-link via your application! Let me know if you have any issues.

jackson · 331d ago

Hey Jack! Cool project -- what feedback are you looking for from the community?

jackson · 342d ago

Hey Emma! Anything specific you want feedback on from the community?

jackson · 384d ago

I'm curious more high-level - how do you currently think about your product being built on the blockchain from a marketing perspective? Do you think it should be emphasized or de-emphasized? It sits right in the middle right, sort of a neutral stance - is that the right approach?

Overall, great site though and pretty clear. Demo vids always give a kick to new companies / software.