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jackson · 8d ago

2 exits! You must have some good stories. :)

jackson · 14d ago

This is great. Beyond customers (which is a questionable framing, I admit!), what are the second order obstacles you face? An example here is if I was building boats to clean waterways and I'd already talked to potential customers / validated the idea with them, I'd need the capital to build a prototype and, this being my first project, experienced advisors. Whereas if I were building TikTok for dating, my barrier to entry may be influencers on my platform. Or, like NFT-gal below, a more efficient system for going regularly viral.

These are all things that, if achieved, would change the fate of the company.

What are those second order, destiny-defining obstacles you face?

jackson · 35d ago

I'll give it a go! Where to? Lead me to the promised land of personal data mgmt.

jackson · 37d ago

Sweet. Will check them out!

jackson · 37d ago

Chris Dixon is my favorite on this. Listening to him and Daniel chat about these things was fascinating.

jackson · 37d ago

Cool ideas, any articles or media in particular you'd suggest for further reading?

jackson · 37d ago

Wow. These are phenomenal articles. These are perfect for Frontier -- in particular, the IBM collaboration. Very much in line with progress on the edge. Feel free to post these or others you may come across, would love to read!

jackson · 37d ago

Great read. Expansive!

jackson · 37d ago

What's the current state of this tech? Any good articles?

jackson · 37d ago

This is one of the most practical answers to that question I've read!