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jackson · 4d ago

Cool excerpt.

I do, indeed! It's more intimate radio. Er, radio for 2021.

That said, I don't personally find Clubhouse super compelling (yet?). Maybe not in the right circles, but tech convos are by and large brutal. Lots of fluffing and pontificating. If you have any good hosts you've come across, please do let me know.

jackson · 7d ago

+1! Love the icon. Long-needed change.

jackson · 7d ago

Clubhouse is structurally so simple. It’ll either get bought or eaten by larger companies (e.g. Facebook). My opinion, anyway.

I feel like the UI is super reminiscent of Notion. Would be super interesting if Notion acquired/partnered with them.

If you were in Clubhouse's shoes, how would you approach next steps?

jackson · 7d ago

A bunch. Keep a massive list of goodies.

C.S. Lewis: "Laziness means more work in the long run."
Ma Joad, from Grapes of Wrath: "Jus' live the day. Don' worry yaself."
Victor Frankl: "What is to give light must endure burning."
Anais Nin: "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."

jackson · 7d ago

Love it! Send another update in here next month. Will be keen to see product updates.

jackson · 7d ago

Like if someone delivers a final verdict in court, you can Appeal that decision. Maybe speaker A can "Appeal" B's final position and get in a last word which is e.g. <200 words instead of <500 (the diminishing part). And whether or not the "Appeal" feature pops up / is available depends on if the audience wants A to get in a Final Word.

Idk, that might not be the vibe you're going for. You may be going more literary, less boxing match.

jackson · 7d ago

Would be cool if I could subscribe to someone and get emails every time they have a dialogue.

Also, what if there was a timer at the top of the site, counting down to next conversation? Like "@7pm Bezos and Merkel chat Amazon in Germany". And are the updates live? For me the site is currently sitting too far in the corner of traditional publication. Would be sweet to see some gamification / live elements included.

Excellent work though. Highly compelling. Cheers!

jackson · 7d ago

What about an "appeal" feature at the end?

Diminishing character limit. Like an OT, 3m instead of 12m.
Cool product. Take Twitter to task.

jackson · 7d ago

Yeah this one's a classic. Love how throughout he says "you're not going to follow any of this stuff -- I'll just say I told you so X years from now."

How well do you feel you do on those first 4 things? Where I'm at:

- Sleep (30m-1hr less than I need a night)
- Food (terrible, too much cereal)
- Exercise (pretty solid, worse in winter)
- Mind (Good, though too much IG)

On the last one of feeding the mind, enjoyed this back and forth with Chris Dixon (https://youtu.be/u7U7OMyEOx8?t=3215) equating media consumption to media diets.

jackson · 7d ago

Hey Talisha! Players who've been in the top 50 for 2 weeks get reviewed. If they're not selected by experts, but they stay in the top 50, they'll be reviewed again several weeks later.