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Hey! I'm Sasha from Itini creates an AI-driven day-to-day travel plan that adapts to your preferences, location, budget, weather and traffic. It only takes 3-5 seconds. Smart editing options allow personalizing the trip even more. Thailand is our MVP country.

We are with Pioneer for about a year already. Since it takes time to create a really innovative tech-heavy project, IF I may, I'd like to ask a simple question first: how about truly supporting potentially innovative projects and helping them to get through the product-market fit phase (which is obviously more than a by-the-book module that was just developed by pioneer)? The module is great for the business enabler startups but less effective for the product like ours.

I am asking this question as all I learn from the boilerplate communication is that unit economy and traction metrics are the only things you guys care about to promote folks to the pioneer status (where startups really start getting help and mentorship). While not arguing about their importance, this by-the-book narrative automatically excludes products and startups like ours because we are kinda not complying with the grand scheme of things.

Immodest but very illustrative to say, imagine Steve Jobs asked about validating unit economics of the device which is both a phone and an mp3 player. We have a fantastic product, we are bootstrapped and we've just got out of beta (and yes, it took months, not years), we operate in the travel industry, we are a b2b app and yet there is no one in the world that gets as close to the desired outcome as us (more explained here:

All we are asking for (competing with companies like TripAdvisor) is a real true mentorship, not even funding at this point. Currently, we are being bounced from the "competition" every two weeks with extremely canned, uninformative and indifferent boilerplate email.

Is that how Pioneer sees itself helping startups to get to the best versions of themselves? · 510d ago

Well, I take off my hat (no pun) if you can really remember that much info 2 pages after. Great insight as well about a game. I must admit that, personally, to take an educated decision it requires making way too many clicks.