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inbalshenfeld · 22h ago

Hi, the video looks good, very clear, I would add at the end what is your ask from people watching this. I think the dynamic ads are a big deal, give it more time in your next video. all the best and good luck!

inbalshenfeld · 18d ago

I just got to this - amazing work - the product of the day is a big deal :-) well done!!!

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inbalshenfeld · 19d ago

do you know this is the methodology?

inbalshenfeld · 20d ago

And I'm completely confused as I just received an email that I'm in the top 50, but my number is not there yet :-)

inbalshenfeld · 20d ago

so let's say I'm playing 5 weeks ( and I am) I can't get any more points? it's all down heal for us?

inbalshenfeld · 20d ago

good to see I'm not the only one - tnx!

inbalshenfeld · 20d ago

I agree, the information of what and why is really important, and much like in real life, it's unclear :-)

inbalshenfeld · 20d ago

Perfect for me - thanks

inbalshenfeld · 25d ago

this could be relevant for NickNack as well. would you like to talk?