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imrankhan · 4d ago

That sounds like a plan. We'll get your profile live soon.

Can you also share a calendly or similar link for a 30 min meeting so founders can book calls with you? You can send it on my email


imrankhan · 5d ago

Hey Manoj,

Yes, a user can be both an earner and a subscriber as well. We are sourcing early adopters from startup communities. So founders can screen other founders. Thanks for your wishes. We would love to have you as an early adopter. You can sign up for free and get matched with founders. If you find a match you can book calls as well.

imrankhan · 32d ago

There are templates available but you would need to write copy for the website and then update the landing page with the new copy. That's what's taken care of with so you don't have to.

If this helps with your doubts, I'll be happy to have you sign up and try out the ideas and landing pages!

imrankhan · 32d ago

For now, the ideas are a common set. Later, I'll chunk it up into different categories like marketplaces, APIs, mobile apps, etc.

imrankhan · 34d ago

Building landing pages could get anywhere around $500-$1000 if you outsource. 3 landing pages at $15 suggests Deflation :)