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hugomontenegro · 4d ago

Yep! Rejected twice, with basically no comment shrug

hugomontenegro · 8d ago

Made it in at #43 :P

hugomontenegro · 21d ago

Fastmail, works great and is cheap. And non Google.

hugomontenegro · 25d ago

I took a look at it; to me they seem way too expensive (even complete garbage domains).

Honestly if you need a good domain, just use a domain generator. There's tons of possibilities, and domains are much less scarce than you think if you're just a little bit creative.

hugomontenegro · 26d ago

hugomontenegro · 26d ago

Totally agree JB! It's really all about seeing the reactions of people.

Frankly, I have to admit I just like staring at the graphs of people's activity and what prompts they enter. It's so much fun seeing someone use (and enjoy!) something you've built! Gives you a great sense of pride.

And yeah, Pioneer is pretty great. Feedback I've received here has been invaluable.

hugomontenegro · 27d ago

Thanks Ken!

Funnily enough 2 separate people donated (yes, DONATED!!) $5 to me. Just randomly. Was super cool to see (obv I sent them thank you email)

hugomontenegro · 49d ago

Hey! I'd love if my project could get reviewed.


1. Do you see any ways in which can grant value to users, apart from just suggesting domains?
2. What would be your monetizing strategy for, assuming there were a good amount of users? Currently I'm just using affiliate links, but exploring alternative monetization pathways.