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honzasvasek · 354d ago

Hmm, my biggest problem is that I tend to get stuck into solving technical, coding problems. Somehow I cannot get the birds eye view that is really needed now. I think I have my mission clear. I feel i should work on that, and kill all the arbitrary 'rules' I have set up for myself, especially the ones that make problems that I cannot solve easily or fast right now.

In short too introverted into the project, and thus blind for real solutions and stuck into problems that actually do not exist.

honzasvasek · 376d ago

very nice initiative!!!

honzasvasek · 376d ago

Hi Daniel, I am interested in your ideas about

1. how to finance an opensource / free software endeavor
2. how to find team-mates for such a project
3. (: how to persuade Google to give me free 'unlimited' WaveNet Voice access ;)

thanks for catching me in your universe with https://dcgross.com/a-new-google
so far it has been a lot of fun and encouragement, I'll stick around for a while...