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haydenwilliams · 47d ago

I did! I’m in an industry where lack of experience, decentralized collaboration, and volunteerism are common. I see so much benefit here. Love seeing tools like this, paying close attention to this one!

haydenwilliams · 47d ago

I love this. A use case pops out at me immediately, and this comes at a time when I have not seen any effective solutions thus far. I don’t know how many smart contracts are deployed daily, that are initiated by a user clicking “accept” but id guess its incredibly high. Often with smart contracts in distributed ledgers, a contract transaction gets validated by all or multiple nodes in the network. It rarely gets validated by the person clicking the button to accept it, other than maybe a list of which functions it uses in the best case. Most people can’t make an informed decision from that. The contract could be something different than what the GUI is leading them to believe. If running contracts through something like the denigma app and showing a condensed version of the output to the user became the standard, we’d avoid a lot of scams outright. for devs wanting to inspire trust from their users, this could be huge.