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Manoj - James has been very helpful to several founders here, myself included - just not in ways that you see on Frontier. I would hope anyone here is happy to lend help for a genuine request, and not keeping score. · 271d ago

I signed up. Looking forward to it! Here's my current pitch deck · 292d ago

Congrats, Emin. Ditto Brainsprays' comments about my recent Chicago visit. ;-) So excited for you! · 293d ago

Hi Manoj. It feels like the site and mission are too generic. You're trying to appeal to too many industries and job roles at once, hence not building strong brand with any of them. I think you'd be more successful if you picked a specific industry (or two), develop strong point of view about why they lack key talent roles. The develop campaigns to recruit more talent into those roles in that industry by offering them volunteer opportunities. Build traction in one focused area first, then expand.

Without brand or credibility, not a lot of companies or volunteers will be attracted to you.
~Erik · 357d ago

Congratulations Emin! So happy for you and inspired by you. I guess your focus should be on customer acquisition, unless you feel like product Dev or customer service are more important. · 396d ago

Andy - I really enjoyed the couple of times we were in a weekly call together. I definitely agree with the goals and challenges you've shared. I was fortunate to be part of a small group that really did "click", so I feel like I've made really valuable connections and long-term friends. Unfortunately, the the SUS Build Sprint group calls have been largely a bust. That was disappointing. LunchClub sounds interesting. I'll explore that. · 501d ago - The largest collection of startup pitch decks. 600+ decks from the world's best startups. · 579d ago

Hi Daniel. Does the value prop in come through clearly? How well does it differentiate from well known Facebook, Instagram, iCloud Photos & Google Photos? How dangerous is it to depend on Apple & Google to "allow" GreatAlbum to use their storage, or are they likely to cut it off if/when GreatAlbum becomes popular?