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Congratulations Emin! So happy for you and inspired by you. I guess your focus should be on customer acquisition, unless you feel like product Dev or customer service are more important. · 64d ago

Cool and that is correct. Thanks for making the effort to compile this. Hope to do even better when we get our MVP2 launched shortly. · 64d ago

@JetBrains - thanks for sharing this. What's the difference between the two lists? Some players are in both, some are in only one of the other. I see the second lists also include Winner status. · 95d ago

Andy - I really enjoyed the couple of times we were in a weekly call together. I definitely agree with the goals and challenges you've shared. I was fortunate to be part of a small group that really did "click", so I feel like I've made really valuable connections and long-term friends. Unfortunately, the the SUS Build Sprint group calls have been largely a bust. That was disappointing. LunchClub sounds interesting. I'll explore that. · 200d ago - The largest collection of startup pitch decks. 600+ decks from the world's best startups. · 278d ago

Hi Daniel. Does the value prop in come through clearly? How well does it differentiate from well known Facebook, Instagram, iCloud Photos & Google Photos? How dangerous is it to depend on Apple & Google to "allow" GreatAlbum to use their storage, or are they likely to cut it off if/when GreatAlbum becomes popular?