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gavinyue · 705d ago

capital-safe investing? Is this thing really available?

gavinyue · 755d ago

I started with open source. Not sure why just thought it might help more people. Maybe good, maybe bad.

gavinyue · 760d ago

My workflow:

1. Mock with figma
2. Find designer on fiverr for a design 30 dollars
3. Find someone convert to html
4. Add some form service, such as convertkit.

gavinyue · 760d ago

Is there a group for open-source tech tools community?

gavinyue · 766d ago

62 in us west so far... And I do not play too hard.

But I guess in the backend, they probably read every project that updates more than a few weeks and decides the potential even before you get into the Top 50.

gavinyue · 766d ago

For me, my project is an open-source tool which makes it very difficult to input the progress since I am under development so far.

But also get some good feedback from time to time. Especially, when talking about marketing and sales, I guess the mythology is kinda similar.

gavinyue · 784d ago

They could not advise so many companies at the same time.

gavinyue · 788d ago

For me, it is a good tool to help me keep moving. Otherwise, it is easy to get lost somewhere.

gavinyue · 790d ago

mailchimp own over 60%

Surprisingly saw I replied this thread... Totally forgot...

gavinyue · 790d ago

Work remotely does not mean work at home. Working at home is not for everyone, especially for those who have kids.