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gabriel_paunescu · 482d ago

Heyyyy there's me.

gabriel_paunescu · 483d ago

We're building an integration at with you guys soon.

gabriel_paunescu · 489d ago

Help business make money by using custom apps:

gabriel_paunescu · 489d ago

our own Angular9 PWA and our open source design system. check

gabriel_paunescu · 518d ago
gabriel_paunescu · 518d ago
gabriel_paunescu · 495d ago for businesses

gabriel_paunescu · 498d ago

Here's how to build a landing page no matter what you choose:

The best guide anywhere!

gabriel_paunescu · 502d ago

#1 product of your company is you. That's what you're selling early stage
#2 product is your business model. That has to be novel, simple, fast with simple pricing
#3 product is your team: why you? why them? Why are you the best person ever to solve this problem?
#4 the lines of code

- study your competition: who? why? what?
- landing page: shape your language and narrative
- business model: make some budgets, see how close to reality you are

gabriel_paunescu · 502d ago

What was the #1 thing you didn't know before and learned at YC?