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gaberagland · 284d ago

Oh yeah Typedream is super cool! And thanks for the support!

gaberagland · 284d ago

Thanks! Right now it's mostly about getting highly requested integrations in. Bunch of stuff coming next month like Gatsby and Tailwind (more listed on After that I'd like to do a much better job at catering to people who aren't super opinionated about the tech. So the flow might look something more like "what type of site are you making" (landing page, saas, ecommerce, etc), then "what kind of features would you like" (public user profiles, image upload, etc). I'm probably not heading toward actually doing app hosting, but who knows. Don't think I've seen the notion-esque web builder you're talking about. Have a link?

gaberagland · 285d ago

One week I managed to whip up a fairly complex side project idea by pulling bits of the UI and logic from some old projects. It was so satisfying to ship quickly and avoid re-inventing the wheel this time around. That led me down the path of thinking.. man there should be a tool online that just asks what you need and generates all the UI and logic for you. It's all been done before, there's just nothing that lets you pick what you need. That idea became

gaberagland · 576d ago

It’s not a problem I’ve had, since my build times are pretty quick. Maybe reach out to devs working on open source projects where you know the build times are super slow?

gaberagland · 585d ago

It could be that most people don't want "Early Access". They want to check it out now. Maybe try replacing the button text with "Get Started" and see how that performs.

gaberagland · 599d ago

Talking to users has been crucial to ensure I'm building the right features. My product ( is a tool that helps people spin up a React codebase with things like auth, db, payments, landing page, etc. There are an endless number of things I could provide customers in their codebase (specific types of components, CMS integration, image upload, etc, etc), but I can't do everything. So I try to talk to customers as much as possible, find out what they're building and what they find lacking in the code that Divoy gives them, and then only implement the things I keep hearing the most.

gaberagland · 670d ago

Thanks, just submitted a 40% off deal for Divjoy, a React starter kit -

gaberagland · 670d ago

It was called imgfave. An image collecting/sharing community. A bit like Pinterest + Reddit for a younger audience.