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Thanks for the kind words and advice, Andy! Appreciated it!

fernandocordeiro · 198d ago

I tried dictation... but, for coding, it sucks: it fails to understand my English accent to a hilarious degree. For mobile, I often use swipe-typing, so it's not really a problem.

Having it on both wrists really screwed things up. At first, I started to use my left hand too but, because of my setup, my left wrist started to act up as well. Now I have an ergonomic keyboard and use braces on both hands. They allow me to work (at my day job) but I can no longer afford to do code work on Pluckd during the nights and weekends.

fernandocordeiro · 200d ago

I sense that a lot.

I've been with tendinitis on both my wrists lately, so my product output too a great hit (since I can't well, type - or type fast at least). I took the opportunity to talk to users and learn B2B Account Based Marketing... and my position absolutely plunged. I even got 100% downvotes once, which means this was not by random chance.

Of course, it's very possible this is all a projection on the way I measure other candidates progress.

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I took the liberty of creating a list with the handles from this thread!


DM me if you just came and want to be added. My handle is @Brauhaus. My business handle is @_pluckd (and it really needs content ideas to tweet about ;-) )

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In my experience, PH support was very bad and of no help at all. I launched on a Tuesday, had the same issues and the most I could get from them were shrugs.

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That's the biggest challenge when selling a vitamin instead of a pain killer.

"Cooperation" isn't measured, but "turnover" is. The thing about turnover is that it's a Titanic of a KPI: it takes a lot of effort and time to change it (we've been in open beta for less than 1 month, and in closed beta for less than 6 - during a pandemic that completely altered hiring and firing dynamics).

More rarely, some companies measure eNPS on surveys (usually bi-annual). This indirectly gauges the company culture, where the community aspect of the workforce (a better for for "cooperation between teams"?) is only one of many factors.

fernandocordeiro · 347d ago

Hello gang!

I think I have a positioning problem. My user and buyer personas are different and I have a really hard time pitching my product to the latter.

I've had good feedback and engagement from early users, and the pain I try to solve (lack of cooperation between teams) is one that many have, but no almost nobody owns*. So inevitably, when I go pitching to my buyer persona, I end up being compared to widely different competitors: from Workplace from Google to Lattice and CultureAmp.

Right now I don't know if:
- I'm focusing on the wrong customer or
- The customer is correct, but the business model offers the wrong incentives or
- If I should double-down and start focusing on educating the buyer persona

* Initially I had assumed HR would own it, but this was proved to be false during my first experiments: 90% of their concerns were operational in nature. More alarming is that almost all my interviews mentioned some distrust of HR-mandated tools at some point.

* forgot the link! XD https://pluckd.co

fernandocordeiro · 389d ago

1. OneDrive (for personal files), GoogleDrive (for shared projects)
2. Nope. I've never had any indication Google or MS leaked any file they kept
3. Rarely. Google Drive and OneDrive connects all my devices together.
4. Facebook Messenger / email
5. MS Teams and Sharepoint
6. Usually the forums itself allows for uploading. Google/MS cloud sharing otherwise
7. It's rarely a hindrance
8. Not that I remember.

fernandocordeiro · 407d ago

I usually upvote the feedback that most addresses my question. These questions may sound random, but they are actually part of the product discovery, so the most honest the answer the better.

Not a big fan of feedback on the landing page at the moment. Since it's a bit outdated as we work on features, most landing page feedback is not really relevant.

Interestingly enough, however, I love to get feedback that mistakes what my project do. These really help me shape up the message.