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farukbrbovic · 418d ago

No worry, but for anyone else out there, no motive just helping fellow founders.

farukbrbovic · 476d ago

Hey, hope you are doing well :)

farukbrbovic · 476d ago

I’m a solo founder as well and like you I have felt the difficulty running a company as a solo founder. This is why I started a community where founders can trade skills and help each other.

Free to join

We are also introducing weekly group video call starting this Wednesday at 11am EDT (GMT -4).
Let me know anyone who wants to be part of it.

I am looking for feedback on how to make the community even better so feel free to send me suggestions, you can find me on our chat inside the community members area.

Shared by farukbrbovic · 526d ago · 6 comments
farukbrbovic · 497d ago

Hello all, so I just finished the MVP for it and it’s live: https://extrafounder.com
Come sign up and lets trade skills, as one of the first adopters I would love to hear your feedback.

Hope to see you soon :)
Extra Founder

farukbrbovic · 512d ago

Quick update: Making good progress on the website so, should have an MVP ready for testing in a week or so.
It would be great if everyone who is interested in this can fill out this short form.

I will send you an email invitation when the product is launched.

farukbrbovic · 520d ago

Thanks for the input, yes I agree it's all about the how. There are really many ways to execute it, I've been collecting everyone's opinions so I will try with some simple middle of the road to start with for the MVP and go from there.

Of course, if you have any specific insights feel free to send them my way :)

farukbrbovic · 520d ago

Thanks, I appreciate your insight. All valid points. It will probably be different things for different startups, but I imagine that most of the startups would be doing short 1-3 hours mentoring sessions and then those few that have a really bad need on both sides might organize something longer-term and more involved.

My hypothesis is that if there is a platform that tracks all this, has ratings and review system might incentivize startups to be more giving.
Also as the platform grows there could be rewards for those that contribute the most, with quality and on time.

Planing to build a simple MPV and then we can see what kind of patterns of usage start emerging.