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eventloop.app · 376d ago


EventLoop's mission is to make remote events easier to create, more fun to attend, and more useful for every type of user, both at the event and beyond.

We'd like your first-take impressions and general feedback on the marketing site https://eventloop.app and also address the following questions:

1. Is our marketing communication sufficiently clear? If not, what are your suggestions for improvements?
2. Are you drawn to, or curious, about this app in any way? If so, what are the key aspects that intrigue you?
3. Do we appear to be sufficiently differentiated from the sea of competition in the online events space? What areas stand out to you? What concerns you?
4. We are likely going to replace the hero carousel with this 2-minute demo, so take a look at that if you have time. General feedback on the demo + thoughts on replacing the carousel with the video are appreciated. https://twitter.com/EventLoopHQ/status/1342728099423801344


Benjamin Dunphy
Co-founder & CEO