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estebanvargas · 149d ago

There's one thing that works pretty well for us beyond the "traditional" (outbound email, content marketing) stuff:

Since we're devs we're being approached by HR departments all the time for us to work for them. We kindly decline their offer. But since we're selling to HR dpmts, we later turn the conversation into "Hey, what do you think about our tool?", and it has become a great lead gen mechanism.

estebanvargas · 154d ago

A lot of the ones frequently mentioned (Zero to One, The Great CEO within, etc.). Outside the "practical startup advice" genre I'm gonna go for Nassim Taleb's books. They're a collection of ideas around risk taking, luck, "predicting" the future, and decision-making.

estebanvargas · 156d ago

With my previous startup we were 2xing MRR every month and we were getting tons of word of mouth. That's the closest I've felt in my life to PMF.

A definition that I like a lot (if you're in B2B and you're early) is: 20% of pilots convert to revenue and you have word of mouth.

estebanvargas · 159d ago

Yesterday. I want to add that he was the one who reached out to us. We should've reached out before.

estebanvargas · 197d ago

Yeah! There's people in California who haven't even heard about all this Miami hubbub

estebanvargas · 197d ago
estebanvargas · 197d ago

Glad to connect to tell you a little bit more about how we are doing it! But to be short: You can start the business in your country, petition an O-1 Visa, and then come to the US to raise a pre-seed round and keep growing the business.

estebanvargas · 281d ago

Read books such as The Mom Test or Lean Customer Development.

A few actionable insights:
- Talk more than you listen
- Ask open-ended instead of yes/no questions.
- Ask about current or past behaviors, not future ones.
- Let them talk about their life. Don't ask things like "what do you think about this solution?"
- Ask them about their willingness to pay

estebanvargas · 291d ago

-Remote work

-Maybe ISAs

estebanvargas · 556d ago

The most actionable thing you can do is ask open-ended questions to as many people as you can about their frustrations.