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emilepw · 313d ago


I'd love some landing page feedback on https://pygma.app and any drive-by feedback on the pricing model.


emilepw · 525d ago

I can only answer for myself without knowing everyone else's thought processes when they vote. In my case it is yes and no as indicated above.

emilepw · 525d ago

I think the response was very clear and I personally agree - quantified growth is often more impressive as it is a clear demonstration of forward progress (as long as good metrics are chosen). With technical achievement it is often harder to tell how much it has really moved the project forward. How many people agree with this I am unsure of.

emilepw · 587d ago

Second this, found a lot of small bugs and realised which UI elements were confusing by watching just a few videos.

Shared by emilepw · 648d ago · 12 comments
emilepw · 647d ago

Thanks for the feedback people! I'm afraid I ended up going to sleep because I was already pretty tired from the day before and couldn't keep going til 3AM UK time to get the project done. The encouragement here makes me want to finish this off though and I'll add a link if Pioneer keeps this page open.