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elias@guineapig.app · 494d ago

Hi Daniel, Rishi, and team,
We'd love some feedback on our website: https://guineapig.app
- Do you understand what we do?
- How would you pitch us back to us or improve on our website and messaging?

elias@guineapig.app · 515d ago

Hi Daniel and team!
We'd love some feedback on our landing page: http://guineapig.app
1) Do you understand what we do?
2) Does it make you excited to try it out?
3) How would you pitch our product back to us?

elias@guineapig.app · 515d ago

I'd say it's a bit clearer, but still not quite there yet. I think the "productivity" part makes it a bit hard to guess still. I'm now guessing that I can log onto your app, find other people taking similar online courses as I am, and connect with them in some sort of community or forum where we can also see how far along everyone is. But when you say productivity I'm thinking of todos and task managers, and I'm not sure how that fits in there. Try pitching it as "We're X for Y" first by finding similar services. Then, see how these services pitch themselves. Then create your full pitch by modeling them. That's the best advice I can come up with. Good luck, keep at it!

elias@guineapig.app · 517d ago

You'll get it! We're all in the same boat. Even Pioneer has changed their pitch on their landing page multiple times in the last few months ;) From "A fully remote accelerator" to "Find product-market fit" to "The network for ambitious outsiders".

elias@guineapig.app · 518d ago

No, I don't understand. I recommend this a lot on Pioneer, but it really is the best resource I've found on how to pitch your startup. Have a look: https://www.ycombinator.com/library/6q-how-to-pitch-your-startup

Some quick feedback:
- I'd avoid capitalizing words mid sentence for "Productivity", "Networking App", and "Online Learners".
- Don't use "will", just describe it as if it already exists.
- I'd try to pitch it like you would explain it to a friend. Either on the format "We're X for Y" or "We help X do Y (by Z)".
- My best attempt to pitch you back from your pitch: "PeerUp is Google Docs for online courses". "PeerUp is an app that helps students create and share notes for online courses." As you can see, it's very hard to guess exactly what type of productivity or networking a user would get from your pitch. Does productivity mean notes or tasks? Does networking mean sharing and collaboration, or some type of Tinder or LinkedIn style connections?

You're well on your way since you're actively seeking feedback! Best of luck!

elias@guineapig.app · 528d ago

Hi Daniel,
I'd love to get your feedback on our landing page.
- Do you understand what we do?
- Does it make you excited to try it out?
- How would you describe us to a friend?

elias@guineapig.app · 581d ago

I think you're right on the money with your value prop: The main thing we wanted to solve was just to get the custom domain. If that was a part of Typeform already, we wouldn't have embedded the form in many cases. Embedding on our website works fine, but it's a bit of annoying work and usually we actually prefer to have Typeform's interface be the whole window, not having our own header or footer, but instead just focus on getting people through the form. Not really any limitations, just annoying work to get it to work on our own site. So to have a quicker way to do it is definitely interesting! :)

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elias@guineapig.app · 581d ago

Hey Louis,
I think what you've done is a really great way to do it actually. Will definitely try it out. Yeah, partnerships are also super interesting for us. There are a lot of companies that use insurance companies and health solutions providers that we'll be looking into partner with to get distribution. Thanks a ton!